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Company Profile

Green PC is a corporation founded in 1993 by Robert Wang who has a strong software and hardware background. We are a small computer consulting company with our office in Anaheim CA. Green PC is a one-stop shop for computer products and services.

Company Mission

The goal of Green PC is to provide new,small to medium businesses and branch office locations of large corporations with a computer technology system so they can spend their time concentrating on what they do best.We apply our big business knowledge to your company.

Company Sale

We provide high quality complete computer systems for a server and workstation. We also offer computer products like motherboards,controllers, pc peripherals and so on. We offer not only hardware but also various software.

Company Servics

We provide computer maintenance and service. We have on-site system installation,setup,upgrade,and wireless networking.We provide local area networking and wide area networking services using internet virtual private networking system.

Company Technologies

Our technicians are well versed in a wide variety of products and systems,specializing in Microsoft and networking support.Our main technician is a MicroSoft Certified of System Engineer (MCSE).He has experience in the computer area for more than 20 years.


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